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Celebrating Cook & Share Family Sessions

By 29 November 2023November 30th, 2023No Comments

Pupils, families and staff get together for a fun-filled ‘Cook and Share’ after-school event. Today’s session involved prepping, sharing and tasting some homemade soup, and families taking away bundles of chopped-up vegetables ready to make their own soup at home.

The classroom was full of excited pupils eager to show off their chopping skills to their parents who were there to supervise.

On the menu was leek and potato soup, with lots of prep for everyone to get involved with. The ingredients were donated by a local supermarket, who were keen to support the pupils’ exploration of good food, which meant the cooking club could be run on a budget.

Families had a great time slicing and dicing various vegetables to make their very own soup, “It’s amazing, I love it” declared one pupil who was getting plenty of experience with knife skills, whilst parents were getting thoroughly involved, with one parent sharing, “It’s been fun! We’re looking forward to making more soup at home.”

The event ended with everybody having the chance to try some homemade soup, with one pupil identifying that they could “…taste potato, …taste leek, …[and] taste onion!”.

“The one thing I’m going to take away from today is how buzzing the kids are. You can see how much they’ve enjoyed it,” shared Medway Councillor Eddie Peake who was invited to the soup-making event.

Grace Dennis, Food for Life’s Local Programme Manager in Medway said “it’s been great to see how Cook and Share resources have supported schools to put on special events like these. They give children and their families the opportunity to connect with and learn about good food in a fun and safe environment.”

As families filed out with freshly prepared vegetables and recipes for leek and potato soup, those remaining to tidy up were filled with a sense of pride at the connections and delicious soup made.

Ms Brightman, who was running the session, was pleased to see so many getting involved in the activity. “Staff, pupils and parents really enjoyed coming together to celebrate Cook and Share. A large number of parents turned up to help and support their child chop and peel potatoes, leeks and onions to create a lovely leek and potato soup and also design a vegetable snack train. Kingfisher Primary School would like to thank Morrisons Walderslade for donating all the ingredients to support the Cook and Share session and also Food for Life for inspiring our cooking group with ideas and resources.”

Further Cook and Share recipes will be shared with families for more home cooking inspiration, and the cooking club will be getting together again in December to bake Christmas cookies and practice some more chopping skills.

Kingfisher Primary School is part of the Food for Life programme in Medway which is free for Medway schools. You can find out more about the programme here.