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At Kingfisher Primary School we aim to encourage and inspire our pupils to achieve their goals, with the confidence to follow their dreams to become successful world citizens in an ever changing society.


We do this through a curriculum that not only motivates and recognises all of their achievements but also provides the knowledge and skills necessary for 21st century life. Our professional staff team provides a positive learning community by modelling high expectations and fostering positive relationships.

The Griffin Schools Trust is building a family of schools, firmly rooted in their local communities that provide access to the very highest quality education, often associated with the selective or independent sector, for all pupils.

Each member of the family will keep in balance those three dimensions of school life, as expressed in the Trust motto, always associated with the very best maintained and independent schools: a strong pastoral system which ensures each child is known and understood, the broadest provision that widens minds and opportunities and the highest standards of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom.


Proud Traditions

A GST school will be characterised by the development of independence of thought and learning in the pursuit of excellence. Students will develop their individual strengths and skills and build the integrity, self-discipline, decision- making and resilience necessary to their own success and that of others.

They will develop an understanding of their social responsibility and the scope they have to make a difference in their local communities and as world citizens. Students will be able to express their opinions and passions articulately and confidently with due consideration for others.

Students will enjoy school and their varied friends and be proud to be part of the school community and Trust family and the opportunities these afford them. Relationships will be characterised by mutual respect, the joint creation of meaning and a commitment to continual learning.


Wide Horizons

Students will have free access to an extensive range of curriculum enrichment and extra curricular activities, including residential, that broaden their experiences and horizons.


High Achievement

Students will follow a curriculum that both gives them a firm foundation in the disciplines that support all learning, including exceptional English and Mathematics provision, and that will allow them success at the highest levels. Students will achieve academic outcomes well above the national norms and will earn accreditation for their musical, sporting or creative skills through a strong co-curricular programme.


Proud Traditions | Wide Horizons | High Achievement