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8 March 2024 in Latest news

Griffin Science Symposium

The Griffin Science Symposium (GSS) 2024 was launched with a keynote introduction by Dr Anne Edwards of the John Innes Centre, focusing on plant energy and scientific enquiry.Students were also…
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1 March 2024 in Latest news

Founders Day Celebrations

Today all schools within the Griffin Schools Trust celebrated Founders Day. The day was marked by a series of engaging activities that brought the whole community together to celebrate our…
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14 January 2024 in Latest news

Culinary Delight: Kebab-Making Class

Students recently embarked on a flavorful culinary adventure as they honed their knife skills while crafting delectable kebabs in a special cooking class. Led by Grace Dennis, Medway's Food for…
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Fiona Armstrong

Welcome to Kingfisher Primary School, a proud member of the Griffin Schools Trust. I am extremely proud to be the Head of School and am delighted to be working with amazing children, wonderful staff and our vibrant community.


Kingfisher promote a values-based ethos, where children are challenged and encouraged to succeed in a safe and stimulating environment. Through our three pillars of Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons and High Achievement, we offer our children a rich and engaging curriculum where they have many opportunities to achieve and grow as happy and confident learners for life.

My aim for all of us who are members of the Kingfisher community is to work in a partnership to provide the best education possible for all our children, and the best school experience for our families. As part of the Griffin Schools Trust, we encourage, inspire and support each individual child so that they have the tools to become successful world citizens, fostering pride, respect and ambition.

On behalf of all staff, governors, families and children, we look forward to welcoming you to join us on our journey to being Griffin Great! Please contact us if you would like to know more – our children look forward to welcoming you.

“Kingfisher builds on proud traditions, wide horizons and high achievement to ensure our pupils enjoy their learning and discover their talents and interests.”

Fiona ArmstrongHead of School

Proud Traditions | Wide Horizons | High Achievement