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Culinary Delight: Kebab-Making Class

By 14 January 2024March 14th, 2024No Comments

Students recently embarked on a flavorful culinary adventure as they honed their knife skills while crafting delectable kebabs in a special cooking class.

Led by Grace Dennis, Medway’s Food for Life Programme Manager, the class aimed to not only teach students the art of creating delicious kebabs but also emphasise the importance of proper knife techniques and safety.

Under Grace’s watchful guidance, students learned the fundamentals of handling knives with precision and confidence. From mastering the proper grip and stance to executing various cutting techniques, such as dicing, julienning, and mincing, participants eagerly embraced the challenge of enhancing their culinary prowess.

“This class is not just about making delicious food; it’s about equipping our students with essential culinary skills that will serve them well in the kitchen and beyond. By focusing on knife skills, we’re laying a solid foundation for their culinary journey.”

The cooking class not only provided students with valuable hands-on experience but also fostered teamwork and collaboration as they worked together to prepare and assemble their kebabs.